Bands I've Played In

  • Marengo (1978)

Bruce Young (fiddle), Charlie (banjo) & Susie Riger (mandolin).  Susie later left, then we hired Bob Smiley to play bass and Tad Marks to play fiddle.

  • Bob Doyle & the Allegheny String Band (1980)

Bob Doyle (guitar), Denny Ricker (mandolin), Rick Lytle (banjo), Tad Marks (fiddle).  Blaine Shover later replaced Tad on fiddle.

  • Windy Ridge (1982)

John O'Dell (guitar), Mike Munford (banjo), Caleb Linder (mandolin)

  • Whistlestop (1985)

Pris Warnock (bass), Scott Walker (banjo), Tad Marks (fiddle)

  • Frontier Justice (1990)

Bill Wagner (mandolin), Scott Walker (banjo), Jim Niessner (guitar), Mark Baker (dobro)

  • New Early Sunrise Band (1992)

Dave Goodman (fiddle), Doc Ryder (drums), Geff King (bass), Dave Hadley (pedal steel & lead guitar), Richard Shaeer (sound)

  • Vintage Blend

Ron Welch (guitar), Chris Athey (banjo), Dave Goldman (fiddle), Lisa Kay Howard (mandolin), Mark Baker (dobro)

  • Dixie Cannonballs

Rob Petrie (mandolin), Steve Grossman (banjo), Tom Lyons (fiddle), John Seebach (guitar)

  • DeSoto

Howard Parker (dobro), Mike Marceau (bass), Casey Henry (banjo).  Casey was later replaced by Garrett Siegers, then by John Brunschwyler.  We added Dallas Blair on mandolin and Mike was later replaced by Barb Diedrich.

  • (new band)

Howard Parker (pedal steel), Shannon Borges (guitar)